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Item# Description Pore Diameter Pcs per box Price Quantity Add to Cart
MFPVDF013022 PVDF Membrane Filter 0.22(μm) 13(mm) 800 $208.6900
MFPVDF025022 PVDF Membrane Filter 0.22(μm) 25(mm) 600 $211.9200
MFPVDF047022 PVDF Membrane Filter 0.22(μm) 47(mm) 400 $203.2600
MFPVDF090022 PVDF Membrane Filter 0.22(μm) 90(mm) 200 $249.9600
MFPVDF142022 PVDF Membrane Filter 0.22(μm) 142(mm) 100 $289.9000
MFPVDF293022 PVDF Membrane Filter 0.22(μm) 293(mm) 25 $369.8500
MFPVDF013045 PVDF Membrane Filter 0.45(μm) 13(mm) 800 $208.6900
MFPVDF025045 PVDF Membrane Filter 0.45(μm) 25(mm) 600 $211.9200
MFPVDF047045 PVDF Membrane Filter 0.45(μm) 47(mm) 400 $203.2600
MFPVDF090045 PVDF Membrane Filter 0.45(μm) 90(mm) 200 $249.9600
MFPVDF142045 PVDF Membrane Filter 0.45(μm) 142(mm) 100 $289.9000

PVDF membrane filter, particularly microporous membranes, can be prepared to exhibit high efficiency for particle removal. PVDF membrane has a low critical surface energy and conventional, hydrophobic, microporous PVDF membranes will not wet with aqueous fluids.MS Membrane stack consists of reinforced-type PVDF membrane. It can ensure wet air and other gas pass through smoothly, even when the differential pressure is very low. It holds the opposite capability against PVDF hydrophilic membrane.

    Wide chemical compatibility    Excellent mechanical properties    High temperature capabilities and excellent ageing resistance    Easy processing by extrusion, injection, compression, blow molding, solution processe    Physiologically harmless and approved for contact with food products -Low extractable levels

    Chemical Process Industry (pipes and fittings, pumps, valves, ...)    Off shore oil industry (multilayer structures for oil and gas...)    High purity fluid transportation    Wire and cables (communication cable jacketing in the USA, ...)    Plumbing    Lithium batteries