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Item# Description Pore Diameter Pcs per box Price Quantity Add to Cart
MFCA013022 CA Membrane Filter 0.22(μm) 13(mm) 800 $203.9000
MFCA025022 CA Membrane Filter 0.22(μm) 25(mm) 600 $218.8500
MFCA047022 CA Membrane Filter 0.22(μm) 47(mm) 600 $278.6400
MFCA090022 CA Membrane Filter 0.22(μm) 90(mm) 200 $258.6600
MFCA142022 CA Membrane Filter 0.22(μm) 142(mm) 50 $232.8200
MFCA293022 CA Membrane Filter 0.22(μm) 293(mm) 25 $344.6300
MFCA013045 CA Membrane Filter 0.45(μm) 13(mm) 800 $203.9000
MFCA025045 CA Membrane Filter 0.45(μm) :25(mm) 600 $218.8500
MFCA047045 CA Membrane Filter 0.45(μm) 47(mm) 600 $278.6400
MFCA090045 CA Membrane Filter 0.45(μm) 90(mm) 200 $258.6600
MFCA142045 CA Membrane Filter 0.45(μm) 142(mm) 50 $232.8200
MFCA293045 CA Membrane Filter 0.45(μm) 293(mm) 25 $344.6300
MFCA013080 CA Membrane Filter 0.8(μm) 13(mm) 800 $203.9000
MFCA025080 CA Membrane Filter 0.8(μm) :25(mm) 600 $218.8500
MFCA047080 CA Membrane Filter 0.8(μm) 47(mm) 600 $278.6400
MFCA090080 CA Membrane Filter 0.8(μm) 90(mm) 200 $258.6600
MFCA142080 CA Membrane Filter 0.8(μm) 142(mm) 50 $232.8200
MFCA293080 CA Membrane Filter 0.8(μm) 293(mm) 25 $344.6300
MFCA013300 CA Membrane Filter 3.0(μm) 13(mm) 800 $203.9000
MFCA025300 CA Membrane Filter 3.0(μm) 25(mm) 600 $218.8500
MFCA047300 CA Membrane Filter 3.0(μm) 47(mm) 600 $278.6400
MFCA090300 CA Membrane Filter 3.0(μm) 90(mm) 200 $258.6600
MFCA142300 CA Membrane Filter 3.0(μm) 142(mm) 50 $232.8200
MFCA293300 CA Membrane Filter 3.0(μm) 293(mm) 25 $344.6300
MFCA047500 CA Membrane Filter 5.00(μm) 47(mm) 600 $278.6400
MFCA047800 CA Membrane Filter 8.00(μm) 47(mm) 600 $278.6400

MS® CA (Cellulose Acetate) membrane filters are composed of pure cellulose acetate modified to offer researchers the lowest binding filters available.Due to the extremely low binding characteristics, these filters provide higher throughputs than competitive offerings and reduce filter changes when filtering proteinaceous solutions.

Because of their unique strength and extremely low binding characteristics, CA (Cellulose Acetate) filters are ideal for protein and enzyme filtration,tissue culture media sterilization, cold sterilization, biological fluid filtration and other filtration applications where maximum recovery of proteins is critical.CA (Cellulose Acetate) membranes are manufactured using a unique impregnation process that is internally supported by an inert polyester web eliminates cracking, tearing, breaking and distortion when handled or creased. Each filter has unequalled dimensional stability after autoclaving or steam sterilizing and is completely unaffected by temperatures up to 135°C (275°F). The exclusive impregnation process results in an acetate filter which has a burst strength of 130 psi, uniform pore size and consistent flow rates for reliable performance.

Features Lowest binding material available Hydrophilic High throughput Strength and dimension stability Uniform pore structure

Application Protein and enzyme filtration, sterilization Biological fluid filtration sterilization Tissue culture media sterilization Diagnostic cytology Receptor binding studies Enhanced recovery of fastidious gram positive organisms