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0.625x1.25 Protects 50 Cubic cm 6000 Per Case 164.15 Quantity Add to Cart
0.825x1.5 Protects 6.1 Cubic cm 5000 Per Case $156.75
0.825x2.125 Protects 12.2 Cubic cm 3000 Per Case $141.90
1.0625x2.0625 Protects 24.4 Cubic cm 2000 Per Case $126.00
1.0625x2.75 Protects 45.75 Cubic cm 1250 Per Case $111.10
2.75x3 Protects 91.5 Cubic cm 600 Per Case $102.55
0.75x0.5 Protects 6.1 Cubic cm 4000 Per Case $215.85

Our Silica Gel Dessicants are available in 7 different sizes and provide superior absorption. Stock items ship within 24 hours.


These dessicants contain a fast and extra absorbent silica gel. Silica gel can absorb 15% of its weight in water vapor in 2 hours.


Meets FDA and USDA specifications for food and drug products.