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1x2.5 Protects 0.14 Cubic ft 1200 Per Case 95.30 Quantity Add to Cart
1.0625x3.5 Protects 0.28 Cubic ft 7200 Per Case $82.75
3x3 Protects 0.42 Cubic ft 550 Per Case $85.20
3x4.125 Protects 0.83 Cubic ft 300 Per Case $64.30
3x6 Protects 1.67 Cubic ft 150 Per Case $50.50
5x5.5 Protects 3.33 Cubic ft 500 Per Case $168.45

Our Kraft Dessicants are available in 6 different sizes and protect products from moisture and corrosion. Stock items ship within 24 hours.


These dessicants control humidity and eliminate the risk of mildew or rust damage in sealed containers. 


Designed for machine parts, document storage, chemicals and clothing.