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4x6 +2" BG Holds 2oz. 1000 Bags Case 114.00 Quantity Add to Cart
5x8 +3" BG Holds 4oz. 1000 Bags Case $168.00
6x9 +3" BG Holds 8oz. 1000 Bags Case $224.00
6.5x10.5 +3" BG Holds 14oz. 1000 Bags Case $239.00
7.5x10.5 +3" BG Holds 14oz. 1000 Bags Case $236.00

Available in 5 different sizes, our 4 Mil Stand-up Clear Front / Metalized Back Zipper Pouches extend the shelf life of sensitive items like pharmaceutical products, dry mixes, photographic materials, foods, confectionary, tea and coffee.


Clear front allows products to stand out, back of pouch is silver. Provides exceptional barriers against gas, moisture, odors, and light.  Pouch stands up when opened and filled.


Meets FDA and USDA specifications for food contact.